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Scope of Work

1. Infrastructure Project :

a. Civil Work viz. Excavation, PCC, RCC, Shuttering. We have good quality Civil Engineering Teams to execute the jobs. We also do have all the necessary equipments like JCB, Mixers and Tools and Tackles and can be substantiated as per the requirements b. Electrical Work. We have adequate Electrical Engineering Team, with all Tools and Tackles to ensure proper routing of cables as per customer's satisfaction.

c. We do Project Management Consultants to ensure timely completion of projects with customer desired quality.

d. We ensure and follow all Environmental standards & norms, Health and Safety Measures.

2. Operations and Maintenance :

a Attending and resolving site alarms related with the power equipments and taking confirmation against closing the activity.

b. Preventive maintenance (first level) of all infra equipments as per the standard schedule given by operator.

c. Under preventive maintenance we check all electrical connection, battery concision, voltage, distilled water, ensuring in; to run in Auto Mode. Performing B-check activity as per standard given by operators or OME guidelines ensuring equipment is under healthy condition.

d. Coordination, follow up and proper escalation with AMC / OME vendors for the preventive and breakdown maintenance for the power equipments till the closures of complaint. Collection for bills/cheques from office and EB board and ensuring power not be disconnected. Resolving Acquisition Issues with Land owners. Coordination with Warehouse for timely replacement of faulty equipments, if any, during breakdown maintenance and ensuring faulty material is properly returned to Warehouse.

3. Installation and Commissioning :

Power equipments:
i Installation of Battery Bank and Power Plant
ii. Installation of  DG and AC.
iii. Installation of PIU


Service Provider for Active Part of telecommunication Transmission equipments:

i. Installation of BTS with sector antenna with Power cable, earthing cable, 7/8'. Feeder cable, feeder earthing feeder clamps, applying of amalgam tape, weather proofing tape, laying of data cable, E-1 cable, Surge Arrestors, Jumper cables, alarm cable, sealing of opening with M-seal.

ii. UT STAR Installation includes PDP, MCU, AN 8|0 Shelf' Rectifier, Battery, Lightning Arrestor, dying of power & Earthling Cable, dying & punching of Subscriber cable from
Shelf to MDF, Fixing of Powder Coated Slotted Strips for Extension of Racks & BMF

iii. Microwave Installation includes Mounting of IDU ODU with relevant card & accessones grounding of equipment & DC power connection to IDU, Installation of SA at Hatch Plate, Connection of ill cables & routing from IDU to SA to Hatch Plate including IR cable laying. Preparation of MW Parabolic Antenna for Pole Mounting, assembling the different plate for Azimuth & Elevation & Alignment of Antenna. Preparation of Jumper Cable 1/2', Heliax SA to Radio equipment.

iv. DSLAM Installation includes clam fixing in rack, modem installation for DSLAM, laying & punching CAT 5 cable for &1 & Ethernet, Pots & Line cable from Mux to MDF, Testing of ADSL line on ADSL modem, Laying & connection of power cable, earthing cable.

v. MUX Installation includes mutilation of modem, laying & punching of cat-a cable, ed cable, Ethernet cable, Pots & Line cable from MDF to Mux with earthing cable & Power cable.

vi. We do RF Survey, Drive Test as per customer's requirement.

OFC Work/Maintenance:
i. We undertake survey / inspection and prepare layout for OFC cable laying.
ii. We do Liaisoning with various Government Bodies for NOC and permissions.
We also provide End Miles Connectivity which includes trenching horizontal drilling, Pulling/Blowup Splicing etc.


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Project Management And Coordination