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Power Transmission Lines

Airmech Solution offers comprehensive design, consulting and engineering services for all phases of electric power transmission and distribution including decades of experience in the design of overhead power lines and transmission towers. 

**Airmech Solution Power Transmission Lines services:

Power Transmission Lines Routing and Planning

Power Transmission Lines Tower Spotting

Power Transmission Lines Feasibility Study

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Power Transmission Line and Tower Design

Power Transmission Lines Avalanche Protection and Seismic Design

Power Transmission Lines Tender Documents

Contract Negotiations

Power Transmission Lines Construction Management

Power Transmission Lines Supervision and Commissioning

Power Transmission Lines On-site Inspection

Power Transmission Lines Repair and Maintenance

**The company specializes in the following transmission line towers:

Lattice steel guyed/self supporting towers

M-type suspension towers

V-type suspension towers

Self supporting Towers

Tension towers

End Frames

Tubular Towers

Avalanche Towers

Wood Poles

Wood Pole H-frames

Airmech Solution specialists are experts in guyed towers due to long experience in very challenging conditions. Here in Iceland, we have to deal with seismic activity, stormy weather and icing. Guyed towers are less expensive and better suited to these extreme conditions.

Company specialists also have extensive knowledge and experience in designing power transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as construction management during the installation of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables, and maintenance consultation.



**HT Cable Termination

We have carried out the terminations for prestigious clients such as General Motors and others. Our professionals are well versed with latest technology of Double Cable Termination Kits which enable them to carry out the work with more efficiency.

**Switchyard Erection

We undertake switch yard erection for our esteemed clients at convenient charges. The erection is done for Switchyard of 22 KV, 33KV, 132 KV, 220KV substations. These services also include CT, PT & LA, Isolators, gantries and towers if required. The switchyards are of radial or Lilo type with around 8 to 10 Bays. We also take Switch yards for generation also (wind or thermal).

**Overhead Line Erection

We undertake the task of installing any HT or LT electrical equipments such as Power / Distribution transformers, Vacuum or SF6 Circuit Breakers, Air Breakers and Panels. These services are rendered for Indoor & GOD, DO, LA, DP Structures for registration formalities. Along with supplying install test & charge Unitized Substation, we make conventional plate type, pipe type or maintenance free earthing with correct values.

Along with these, we also undertake tasks for Overhead Lines Erection. We have erected several Kilo Meters of Overhead Lines of 11 KV, 22 KV & 33 KV. These lines are of Pin type or Suspension type Single Circuit / Double Circuit or Multiple Circuit. Single Pole, DP type or Tower type up to conductor size 200 sq mm. Moreover, we carry out the OH Line work especially for Dedicated or Express Feeders.

**Panel Erection

Our experience and technical expertise allow us to efficiently execute panel erection. These erections are being done by our professionals who are well versed with the latest technology and various sophisticated machines. We install following type of panels:

• Side / Bottom / Top entry
• Indoor / Outdoor type
• Power / Control
• LT or HT type
• Capacitor or APFC Panels
• Wall / Floor mounting or OH mounting
• Synchronizing AMF Panels
• PLC Panels

**HT & L. T Cable Laying

We lay Drum lengths of cable through Hume pipes, trenches or with excavation. Moreover, the OH Cables are also laid on cable trays.

**Electrical Jointing

We undertake the cable jointing services for various well reputed companies min India. We have professionals who are trained by manufactures for Heat Shrinkable or Push on type joints. Moreover, the instruments and devices used by them are modern and sophisticated.

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