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Telecom Services | Telecom Operational Assistance

Airmech Telecom Operational Assistance service will provide customer’s access to temporary personnel with the technical expertise to match specific competence shortfall, ensuring continuity within customer’s Telecom network operations during a period of transition. This allows the customer to focus on training requirements or recruiting more permanent personnel with the necessary technical competence.

Airmech has access to global expertise and competence in Telecom Network operations and maintenance whereby the consultants have acquired through assisting network operators around the globe, working across a wide range of technologies and platforms. Airmech provide the appropriate skills and expert temporary staff tailored to meet the customer’s exact technical needs. To complement any organization and assist in managing telecom network operations successfully during a temporary period of need.

The Service The Airmech’s Telecom Operational Assistance service is aimed specifically at network operators and equipment vendors who experience a temporary shortfall or deficiency in resources with specific operational skills within their operations organization. Telecom Operational Assistance is often used to secure the successful operation of new applications & systems when the customer is implementing new systems, undergoing expansion or re-configuration. The Telecom Operational Assistance service will provide support during an initial phase of operation where the customer’s staff often lacks the competence or while newly recruited staff is on the learning curve. Airmech’s provides resources for support at various levels of the Telecom Network Operations organization, handling the day-to-day task level activities and Telecom Network Operations management level activities.

Together with the customer, Airmech will determine the nature and extent of assistance required that will provide the complete operational expertise to ensure continuous operations.


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