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Telecom Services :: Operation and maintenance





* SMPS power plant
* Battery set
* Air-conditioners
* Fire alarm panel
* DG C/O Box & ACDB / DCDB
* Servo Stabilizer
* DG set
* AMF panel
* Integrated Panel
* Shelter
* Tower
* Transmission equipment

For all above-mentioned work our scope is for first level maintenance
Scope of work: -

Level (I)

1. Checking all the power equipment as per the standard format on basis at each site

2. Weekly check of DG set, AMF panel operation, maintaining optimum level of fuel (Diesel), lube Oil Coolant in DG set & distilled Water of Batteries.

3. B checks of Dg set as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

4. Battery discharge test at each site every 03 month and Replacement of weak / faulty cells.

5. Replacement of MCB's, Fuses, SMPS Module whenever they go faulty

6. Checking earth resistance value every 06 six month at all sites.

7. Pre monsoon checks of all sites as per separate format of TTML including leakage in shelters.

8. Checking tightness of nut bolt for tower, operation/ replacement of aviation lamps etc on quarterly basis.

9. Attending each Alarm of any site (whether major or minor) reported to him within 01 hour from the time of reporting.

10. All tools required to Engineers for repair and maintenance of Equipments is to be provided by contractor excluding Laptop and DTA these two equipment is to be provided by TTML.

Level ( II )

1. Diesel Filling with TTML has to provide petrol card with sufficient balance to each engineer. Our charges for diesel filling for those site where local transport is available not for those sites which are at hill stations.

2. Collection of electricity bills from respective sites or EB office and Submission to head office in time Collection of cheques from the main and payment of bills in respective areas before the due date.

4. Liasoning with EB for replacement of faulty Energy meters, other faults related to EB supply Timely payment of duty on DG sets & quarterly submission of B form to the Electrical Duty Inspector office (for stationary DG set Sites)

Service of O and M Team

* Rack Installation

* Installation of Rectifier

* Installation of Battery ( 17Ah to 65 A)

* Installation of Fuse Panel / DCDB

* UT STAR in New Shelter

* UT STAR in Existing Shelter as Expansion

* Mini DSLAM Installation

* De-Installation of Micro Wave Equipment

* Installation of DDF Frame

* Supply of BNC Cable

* Laying of BNC Cable

* Supply&Preparation of BNC Male Connector

* Supply&Preparation of DIN Male Connector

* Supply&Preparation -BNC FeMale Connector

* Supply&Preparation -DIN FeMale Connector

* Installation of IPADSL Card / Loop Shelf

* New UTStar Shelf Installation

* Transportation of material - BW to site

* Transportation-site to site (4 wheeler)

* Transportation of material-TTML to site

* Transportation -site to site(4 wheeler)

* Supply of 16sq mm cable for Battery Bank

* Supply - 1.5sq mm cable for DISLAM Inst

* Supply -25mm flexi.pipe for DISLAM Inst

* Supply -40mm flexi.pipe for DISLAM Inst

* Supply -6sq mm Green cable in DISLAM Inst


* Patrolling:

The maintenance of OFC routes will be under patroller’s team. The scope of work includes, that patroller’s team will patrol the total length of OFC routes on daily basis and keep close watch on the cable routes to prevent OFC damage.

* Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Team:

All measurements for preventive maintenance shall be carried out as per prior agreed time schedule, which is given by the Customer EIC. The testing of all fibers shall be done, as once in a month for each of the block sections and reports shall be submitted. Any defects observed in the OF cable or in any of the associated equipment shall be attended in consultation with the Customer EIC at site. During every visit to the stations for measurements, shall monitor the condition of the optical equipments installed for any alarms, DG maintenance, Diesel Filling, First level maintenance for DG, AMF Panel, UPS, Fire Alarms Systems, FMC, NMS, NNMS follow up for alarms, order wire, battery voltage, level of distilled water in the secondary cells, top up distilled water if required and observe the condition of the battery charger and electrical installation of the prefabs / building and report to EIC in case any discrepancies are observed.

* Breakdown OFC Maintenance:

This includes the following:

1. Mobilization of well equipped teams with all required equipment and skilled manpower on 24X7 format for fault identification & rectification

2. Test link attributes such as splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault

3. Generating proper documentation in specified formats for the event in context of :
Breakdown maintenance – Call registration - Fault rectification record- Call closure record Downtime and uptime analysis Further the following records shall be submitted to customer on monthly basis Internal records of the issue and consumption of spare parts, tools and consumables etc. Regular MIS (Management Information System) reporting to the customer as per the agreed formats thereby analyzing to upbeat with the continual improvement of key aspects.

* Deployment of O&M team:

Deployment of O&M teams to carry out Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable.

The scope of work includes:

1. The maintenance of OFC routes on regular basis i.e., 24*7 maintenance service is to be provided and therefore in the event of any emergencies, we will crew to attend to such work. Scope of work shall include Routine OFC Maintenance, Breakdown OFC Maintenance .

2. The team Consists of Team Leader, Supervisor, splicer, Assistant Splicer, Technician, Patroller, Helper.(e.g., For about 250 kms, we had assigned 1 Technician, 1 Splicer, 1 Assistant Splicer, 3 Patrollers)
Patrolling: Mode of transport of patrollers shall be customer specific.

* Tools & Equipments:

Our team will be equipped with the following tolls & equipments- Splicing Machine, OTDR Meter, Road Meter, Power Meter, Earth Tester, Duct Cutter, Mobile phone, Optical Fiber Tool Kit (Sheet cutter, Striper, Cleaver, Ceramic scissors, Loose Tube cutter, Live Fiber Detector, Ceramic Blade, Fiber Scope etc.,), Multi Meter and Gen Set.

* Deployment of FRT team:

As per the customer's requirement we must deploy an FRT team consisting of a Splicer, an Assistant Splicer, four-wheeler with driver on 24X7 bases and a helper.

* Deployment of Liaison Team:

1. In case of fault / cut in OFC, Civil works like pit excavation, trenching, Fiber pulling, H.D.D, Mouling, Splicing, are required.
2. For this a Liaison team is required to co-operate b\w the government bodies and private bodies for clearing ROW.
3. A group of small vendors required for Pit, Trench and cable pulling specially hired for us.
Deployment of G.I.S Team.
4. A GIS team is required for the mapping and routing of the fiber identifications, pit locations three dimensional pit, Hand hole, Chamber location and regularly update the FR Drawings given by the splicer.
5. OTDR Reports to be uploaded and data to be maintained.

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