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Telecom Services


Managed Services

Airmech Managed Services assists operators and equipment vendors to increase profitability and enable them to gain competitive advantages by allowing Airmech to assist in taking care of their non-core business and facilitating new services with their customers. Through different business models and service solutions, Airmech can meet customer’s different needs Operators are, for the moment, facing the key challenge of keeping spending under control while launching a wider range of services. The increasingly competitive operator environment forces operators to focus on their core business, such as increasing market share and raising brand awareness. By taking care of non-core business and facilitating new end user services, Managed Services assists operators in improving profitability and gaining competitive advantages.

Some operators want to expand their businesses while others need to increase their efficiency. Either way, increased profitability is the goal, and Managed Services is a key way to achieve this. It helps operators to free up time and resources, enabling them to focus on their core
business. Managed Services also assists operators to enter new markets. The Airmech Managed Service portfolio is divided into two main service domains namely:

• Managed Operations
• Operational Assistance


Managed Operations

• The main feature of the Managed Operations service is that Airmech will take off all development and operation & maintenance activities, on behalf of the customer.

• The customer will focus on its core business, such as business strategies and customer management, while Airmech provides the planning, design and deployment as well as management of the day-to-day operations, according to set performance indicators.

• The Managed Operations service implies a predictable cost factor for customer operations from the beginning of the project with no financial surprises related to operations, simplifying greatly the business planning. The scope of Managed Operations for operators is sub divided into following service segments

Network Design and Optimization
Network Deployment
Network Operations


Network Design & Optimization

The purpose of this section is to describe the process of Design and Optimization of the Radio, Transmission and Core Networks for new networks or expansion of existing networks. Network Design realizes the operators business plans in order to provide a high quality service to its end users.

Service Deliverables:
Airmech proposes to deliver the following service deliverable by means of a continuous service delivery.

• Network Audit
• Radio Network Design & Optimization
• Transmission Network Design & Optimization
• Core Network Design & Optimization
• Design Optimization

Network Audit:
The Network Audit consists of a general evaluation of the network performance, mainly based on the analysis of predefined Performance standards and GSM/GPRS/EDGE Coverage surveys. The service aims at providing valuable information regarding the current situation, and pointing out performance areas where improvement can be achieved. The Network Audit
process is the main input data for the Design and optimization processes of the Radio, Transmission and Core Network.

Radio Network Design and Optimization
The objective of the radio network design is to define a network configuration that fulfills the operator’s requirements. A network can grow in terms of coverage and capacity where new sites are planned to be integrated in the system. Radio network optimization process is a service for improving the radio network performance in order to meet the KPI agreed between parties.

Transmission Network Design and Optimization
The aim of this service is to describe the transmission network design and optimization processes and activities. The design phase of the service requires as input the number of radio sites from RF nominal plan, from this the most appropriated sites for the network are identified and planned. The Optimization process is a service for improving the transmission network performance and quality of a mobile telephony network according to established goals and objectives.

Core Network Design and Optimization
Core Network Design and Optimization process is a service for improving the Core network performance in order to meet agreed quality indicators. The design of a Core network
design is performed by developing a high level core network plan using requirement specification and existing nodes to create proposal to support the predicted traffic growth. The
optimization process provides a service for improving the core network performance. A process is established to monitor the core nodes regarding I/O, control system, capacity, routing and charging. The tuning of available core parameters that have impact on the performance of the core node for example: High memory consumption, number of alarms, failure to charge calls, excessive signaling.


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