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D. C. Generators Profigen

An DC Generator is a machine which converts mechanical energy (or power) into DC energy (or power)

Our DC Generators are of simple construction, long life and easy availability of spares through a wide network of service centers make them the preferred choice in critical applications like telecom, and other industries.

The unique strength of the company in customizing DC generators for special needs of Telecom Sectors makes us the only company to offer DC generators for the widest of Telecom and other industrial applications.

Continuous product development has kept pace with corresponding prime mover availability like wind mills, gas turbines, water turbines,steam turbines and variety of makes of diesel engines. The products quality based on world class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure makes leading consultants specify our DC Generators again and again. We offers DC Generators of various capacities, right from low voltage to high voltage. Quality meeting the performance requirements of national and international standards. In the aspect of dimensions, size, weight, aesthetics and performance they are comparable to the best in the world.

  • DC Generators for Telecom Towers India

Technical Details of DC Generators | Comparison of DC Generators with AC Generators


  75 % load     100 % load Fig in Rs
Parameter 15 KVA DG set Profigen   15 KVA DG set Profigen
Consumption of diesel per hour 3 ltrs 1.2 ltrs   4ltrs 1.5 ltrs
Consumption of diesel per 12 hour 36 15   48 18
Diesel per month in ltrs 1080 450   1440 540
Cost of diesel  45 45   45 45
Cost of diesel per month 48600 20250   64800 24300
Transport  frequency 15 2   15 2
Transpiration cost  400 400   400 400
Total trans portion cost monthly 6000 800   6000 800
Pilferage ? ?   ? ?
Maintenance cost per month 5000 2000   5000 2000
Total operating cost 59600 23050   75800 27100
Total operating hours 360 360   360 360
Average cost per hour 165 64   210 75


75 % load          
Operating hours (15kva)(Profigen) cost of diesel Cost of diesel   saving in % Actual saving
6 hours(540) (216) 29700 9720   67.34 20000
12 hours(1080ltrs) (450) 59600 23600   60.4 36000
20 hours (1800ltrs) (720) 99000 32400   67.27 66600

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