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Telecom Services :: Network Operation

Airmech can take full responsibility or in partnership with operator / vendor all Telecom network and service operation activities. The service will manage the day-to-day operations, including
field services on the customer's network, according to set performance goals. The operation organization will be a fully integrated part of the customer organization and will be working according to the processes and routines that were specified and implemented in the establishment phase. This means that Airmech on a daily basis will manage the network
assurance and provisioning processes and ensure accurate telecom network plans for core, radio and transmission in order to meet agreed performance criteria’s. The following processes are included in Network Operations.

Telecom Service Quality Management

Quality performance management and optimization include day-to-day performance monitoring in order to detect and correct exceptions or faults that have adverse affect on the service performance. Typical activities are key performance indicator analysis, hardware performance analysis, configuration checks, trend analysis and traffic analysis. Telecom Parameter optimization and troubleshooting are used to resolve the found problems. Service and network problem management includes remote real-time monitoring of service and network events/alarms, and reception and acknowledgement of complaints from your customer management. Problem management accomplishes also classification of problems/events and assigning of problem categories and initial analysis and fault location. Restoration implies undertaking measures in order to resolve a problem. The primary objective is to restore the network so that services to the users are meeting the required quality.


‘‘Airmech Engineers’ has long provided resources to staff Network Operations Centers for monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting problems on a network. The staff thus provided is fully qualified to provide oversight of problems, configuration-and-change management, network security, performance-and-policy monitoring, reporting, quality assurance, scheduling, and documentation by using sophisticated network management, monitoring and analysis tools. These resources are specifically trained and orientated to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Typical daily processes include the following:

1. Monitoring operations of all backbone links and network devices.

2. Ensuring continuous operation of servers and services.

3. Providing quality support for network users.

4. Troubleshooting all Telecom network and system-related problems.

5. Opening tickets to track and document resolution of problems.

Network Optimization
From the buying side to the selling side, ‘Airmech Engineers’  provides objective third-party analysis to validate net value assignment, determine future growth potential and provide detailed integration plans. Network assessment services quantify a network’s capabilities; determine its ability to provide value-added services, uncover potential technology issues and measure the networks scalability. Our clients achieve impressive results leveraging ‘Airmech Engineers’ experience in operations management, network operations, and network optimization.

Key areas of the Telecom network assessment include the following:

1. Mapping existing telecom network infrastructure

2. Determining telecom network utilization and cost to scale

3. Determining the integration requirements (cost and time) for gaining synergies

4. Analyses of back-office systems (network management, CRM, order management, billing, etc) to determine capabilities of systems integration into the operations model and platform scalability

5. Developing integration costs for back-office systems

6. Reviewing and assessing the network’s fundamental operating model to highlight the effectiveness of business processes, operations cost structures, and potential areas of savings

7. Identifying opportunities to expend existing infrastructure to handle greater demand, and redeployment opportunities for existing assets to improve performance and efficiency with little or no equipment purchases.

8. Airmech’s analysis services will deliver an overview of our clients’ equipment and technology and a comparison will be made to other major suppliers in the same market segment, thereby providing ideal positioning for our clients’ products and services. Additionally, we help develop detailed plans for our clients’ customers that integrate their product road maps and allow them to optimize equipment configurations to enhance their overall service offerings.

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