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Telecom Services :: Network Migration

‘Airmech Engineers’ Network Migration service is a project-based service that tackles the challenge of reconfiguring or migrating from legacy to new technology on large complex carrier networks with minimal disruption to client and end-customer operations.

Airmech’s complete Telecom Network Migration service offers telecom-service providers comprehensive project management and planning to ensure migrations are completed on time and within budget. Beginning with the establishment of business goals and master-work schedules, our project managers provide hands-on supervision of tactical operations. ‘Airmech Engineers’ provides ongoing, expert technical advice and guidance, along with continuous reporting, throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Planning activities include creation and validation of a master migration spreadsheet at the DS-3 circuit level, creation of Telecom Network Migration control sheets for site and NOC technicians, coordination of circuit orders with the carrier provisioning and engineering staff, coordination of circuit testing and Telecom Network Migration execution, and documentation for delivery to the carrier.

Services include providing a Telecom Network Migration engineer and on-site Telecom Network Migration technician(s) experienced in performing work on systems carrying live traffic. The migrations are typically performed at the electrical DS-3 level for all circuits delivered to the carrier. On-site Telecom Network Migration activities include pre-test of provisioned DS-3 circuits, traffic path verification, jumper cable placement, “hot-cut” Telecom Network Migration execution at the DS-3 level, and circuit troubleshooting as needed.

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