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Telecom Services :: Network Engineering

‘Airmech Engineers’ comprehensive Network Engineering in design, market-analysis, and technology-analysis services meet specific requirements for equipment vendors and their customers. These Network Engineering services are customized to each customer’s technical, financial, and strategic requirements.

Our design service includes detailed analysis of the RFP or RFQ to understand the network requirements. We then prepare network designs that use the appropriate technology and ensure clients’ needs are fulfilled from both a technical and a financial aspect.

Additionally, our designs will identify space, power and fiber requirements for equipment allowing our clients to plan for expansion. The design will provide a roadmap for the recommended equipment and will detail the benefits of future equipment plans.

Examples of Network Engineering projects that we have successfully undertaken for our clients include the following:

* Pre-sales support and design for transport network audit and optimization

* Dark fiber characterization and analysis

* Multi-vendor re-homing for cellular networks

* Radio access network design and engineering

* Total cost of ownership assessment for optical back haul systems

* Pre-sales support for RFID and microwave applications

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