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Telecom Services :: Network Deployment

‘‘Airmech Engineers’ modular Network Deployment Services are directly geared to the needs of the clients whether they are equipment vendors, service providers, carriers, or other end users. Our goal is to help clients remain focused on their core business: delivering quality service to their customers.


‘Airmech Engineers’ suite of network deployment services covers every aspect from Telecom field engineering, Telecom project engineering and Telecom equipment installation, to Telecom traffic integration, test and turn-up, and cut over. Detailed engineering is the key to network deployment and doing the job correctly from the beginning saves money and time.

In addition to these key services, Airmech can provide expert project management. Our staff is well equipped to drive the schedule, resolve issues, and meet the budget. We also assist clients in solving tough technical and logistical challenges.

Along with our Telecom field engineering services, we send a certified Airmech Networks engineer to the site to gather the information needed for Telecom Tower space planning, Telecom Tower installation design and Telecom Tower project engineering. The engineer performs a site-readiness check to verify the site is prepared to receive equipment and commence installation.

The project engineering specification becomes the basis for inventory management, installation, and testing, and is an excellent reference source for telecom operations and maintenance crews.

Airmech provides the expertise required to deploy, expand, and upgradeTelecom networks. Fast deployment in large volumes involves a heavy ramp-up of resources that must be prepared for in advance and this can be very costly if not managed with the necessary experience.
Airmech has developed a service delivery concept using a professional mix of local, in-house capabilities and subcontractors. We can manage these capabilities in a way that has proven to be successful and results in a very high degree of customer satisfaction. Our project management service will keep our customers very well informed on the progress. When our customers want to control the overall project and perhaps also take care of network design,
Airmech can offer support in the form of deploying and integrating on a node-by-node level.
The Network Deployment service is delivered according to the following service deliverables

1. Telecom Project Management
2. Telecom Site Acquisition
3. Telecom Civil Works
4. Telecom Installation
5. Telecom Integration

1. Telecom Project Management
The Project Management service covers the entire process from Network Build up to the Network Assurance phase. Airmech has access to wide range of professional resources
with years of experience in Telecom Project Management roles that can meet the customer’s needs in the various phases of the project. The service is delivered in close cooperation with
our customers, Airmech plans and organizes the project, manages quality, risks and progress of the different phases throughout the entire project life cycle. The service is divided
into different sub phases of a project of which the pre-study phase will define the requirements and business needs according to customer requirements.

The planning phase of a project is the most crucial as it forms the basis for a successful project. This phase will outline the detailed planning of activities, set the goals and objectives and establish the required organizational structure and define roles and responsibilities by means of working level agreements with the customer. The next phase is the establishment phase, teams are allocated to respective project and reporting systems are implemented. The project is then executed according to the plan with regards to time and cost. Progress reporting is a key role of this phase and constant follow up with risk analysis and prevention plan implemented.

The last phase of a project is the conclusion phase whereby the project is concluded according to project goals and objectives. All project deliverables are handed to final customer, acceptance criteria are agreed between parties and final reports are produced. The Network Audit consists of a general evaluation of the network performance and GSM/GPRS/EDGE Coverage surveys. The service aims at providing valuable information regarding the current situation, and pointing out performance areas where improvement can be achieved. The Network Audit process is the main input data for the Design and Optimization processes of the Radio, Transmission and Core Network.

2. Telecom Site Acquisition
The site acquisition service is based on the results of the Network Design phase and is about finding, investigating and obtaining legal access to sites and readying them for detailed
site design and construction. The Site Acquisition service applies to all network elements for new and existing sites. The service is country-specific and dependent on various local factors, such as the real estate market, land and property owners, local building regulations and environmental regulations. Therefore, the service must rely on the competence and experience of local service providers and consultants who can provide the service for the specific circumstance.

3. Telecom Civil Works
Civil works is about designing and constructing telecom network sites, new or existing, and readying them for the installation of telecom equipment. Airmech' Civil Works service provides a generic solution for the detailed design and construction of the required environment and
surrounding infrastructure, and for providing utilities for telecom equipment. The Civil Works service is always adapted to the local market and entails customized implementation of the generic service process. Successful implementation is achieved through local expertise, presence and resources and carefully evaluating and selecting service providers, suppliers and consultants.

This service is not provided on it own but as a subset of the Network Design and Installation process. A project manager is provided as part of the service, to guarantee efficient performance and coordination of service providers, suppliers and experts. The project manager also maintains communication between your organization and Airmech.

4. Telecom Installation Services
The Installation Service applies to the installation of various kinds of equipment, from simple nodes to complete system solutions. It is part of the network deployment service portfolio. In essence, Airmech installs all hardware and “pre configured” software, makes the appropriate connections and verifies that everything is working properly and is ready for integration into the network. The Installation Service applies to all network elements from all equipment vendors
for new, upgrade and change-out installations. The installation service consists of a preparation, installation and verification phase. Airmech verifies that all delivered equipment and documents match the ordered materials.

Customer and Airmech jointly inspect the sites and review site documentation to ensure that the sites are ready for installation. The hardware is installed in accordance with proven procedures. Upon completion of each step in the process, the work is inspected and the results are documented. Installation includes the mounting of equipment and the connection of cables to the power supply. The installation is complete and the equipment is ready for integration into the network when the tests have been performed and the customer has accepted the site.

5.Telecom Integration Service
The Integration service integrates network elements and applications, networks, and solutions into the existing environment. After all equipment has been installed, Airmech verifies the site. Only minor tests are necessary, since the equipment has already been tested at the factory
before delivery. The test instructions and the work order to be used are defined in the work procedures according to vendor specifications. During verification, Airmech powers
up the equipment and runs the tests that have been stipulated in the work procedures.

The installation is complete and the equipment is ready for integration into the network when the tests have been performed and customer has accepted the site. The service also includes verification, to ensure that every connection, networking relationships and traffic management flow is stable and working according to expectations. The integration test phase encompasses
every activity needed to connect the network elements or application with each other and with existing networks and systems according to the scope of the project.

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