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Civil and industrial infrastructure

Airmech Solution is a leader in developing, managing, and constructing civil infrastructure. From airport, rail, dam, canals and highway systems to regional development programs, from office buildings to theme parks and resorts, Airmech Solution builds the infrastructure necessary to improve quality of life and sustain economic growth.

The company has developed some of the best processes and technologies in the industry, saving customers millions of rupees and assuring quality results while meeting tight schedules on the most challenging projects. In addition, Airmech Solution is experienced in helping to form public-private partnerships that bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects.

Bridge Construction

Our relevant experience in the construction industry includes meeting the service of ver bridge construction, curved bridge construction, railway over bridge construction, local curved bridge construction demands especially through tender participation. Our extensive experience in the Civil Engineering Sector has helped us in successfully meeting the construction demands of a number of bridges. Further, we have also successfully dealt with all types of foundation work demands such as open foundation, well foundation, pile foundation, raft foundation. Other than these, we have also carried out several substructures with masonry as well as R.C.C. and superstructure R.C.C. girder - deck slab, P.S.C. girder - deck slab, P .S.C. box girder.

We are a specialized service provider in the civil engineering sector. We offer over bridge construction services such as vadsar road over bridge, railway over bridge construction, river over bridge construction. The use of advanced process methodology & latest techniques also enable us to ensure that end tasks delivered is as per the standards specified in the tender process.

Bridge Construction Company India Our services under this genre are curved bridge construction, bridge over creek, pre stress girder bridge, bridge construction service, rebuilding of bridge, construction of major bridge, bridge well foundation, canal construction, raft foundation services etc. We have the requisite infrastructure and manpower to serve our customers better.

Canal Construction

The division has successfully procured many irrigation projects individually and together with other reputed companies as Joint Venture partners. It also executes projects comprising canals, and spillway with gates, among others.

Dam Construction

Ranked consistently among the nation’s top four dam construction contractors in the India., we specialize in challenging dam and reservoir projects.

  • 1. New dam construction
  • 2. Seismic rehabilitation
  • 3. Existing dam rehabilitation
  • 4. Emergency dam repair
  • 5. Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) placement
  • 6. Earthen dam construction
  • 7. Slurry wall construction
  • 8. Geomembrane installation
  • 9. Conventional concrete construction
  • 10. Dike construction and repair
Dam Construction Company India

Building Construction

Airmech Solution are civil contractors, civil construction contractors providing complete solutions for all land, construction related needs as Building Construction, Real Estate Consultancy, Interior Decoration in Cochin, Ernakulam and across the globe.

Building Constricon Company India Our services comprise Building Constructions, Interior Designing in Ernakulam, Real Estate Consultancy, Architectural Designing from Cochin, Property Dealing Services and others in various cities of Kerala. Backed by years of experience, we, as civil construction contractors, have been able to modify our interior designing, architectural designing, interior decoration and real estate consultancy services so as to fulfill the needs of our clients to the maximum.

Industrial Structure Builders

We provide industrial construction services for various sectors such as pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, food processing plants, paper plants and more. We work closely with our clients right from preparation of layout to the final stage of construction.

For each and every project, we have a team of qualified specialists with trademark attention to detail and quality using first grade construction materials and equipments. Our dedicated quality team ensures that quality remains a journey and a destination. Our recent survey in the power sector has opened a new horizon for future. Industrial Structure Builders

Civil Industrial Infrastructure Guide

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